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The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue is a platform for dialogue, multistakeholder collaboration and partnerships across the public, private and financial sector to accelerate the development and expansion of the green hydrogen value chain worldwide. The Catalogue collects and showcases voluntary commitments from stakeholders active in all parts of the green hydrogen value chain, from financing and production of renewable energy to production of green hydrogen and derivatives and its off-takers. Through showcasing the action being taken by stakeholders across the value chain, the Catalogue aims to spark dialogue and collaboration and inspire further commitments.

What is an Energy Compact?

Energy Compacts are voluntary commitments of action, with specific targets and timelines to drive the progress on the achievement of SDG7, to accelerate action for clean, affordable energy for all. Open to member states and non-state actors, such as companies, regional/local governments, NGOs and others, more than 150 Energy Compacts have already been registered. Implementation of these commitments will be tracked, and UN-Energy will aim to support the Compacts by providing technical expertise and facilitating partnerships through an Energy Compact Action Network. Actions defined in an Energy Compact can also contribute to Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement on climate change and achievement of the broader 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the current Decade of Action, UN-Energy will continue to mobilize more Energy Compacts, raising their ambition and tracking their progress.

What are the requirements?

Formally submitting and Energy Compact to UN Energy:

Challenge statement:

A brief description on what your government/organization/company sees as the biggest challenges and/or barriers to the expansion of green hydrogen? (max 250 words)

Solution statement:

A brief description on what your government/organization/company sees Brief statement on what the solutions are needed to overcome these challenges, and how can your government/organization/company contribute to these solutions?

Energy Compact Description

Description of your work with green hydrogen, including relevant projects and plans. This can be a short version of your submitted Energy Compact.


Quantitative indicators of your target/objective. This could include one or more of the following: i) new installed renewable energy capacity; ii) new installed electrolyzer capacity; iii) green hydrogen produced (in metric tons/year); iv) investments (in USD), v) CO2 emissions abated (in metric tons/year)

About Green Hydrogen Compact

We work with a multitude of partner countries, companies and international organizations to create dialogue and action within the field of green hydrogen.

Who we are?

The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue is a broad and inclusive partnership platform. A multi-country initiative to promote the expansion of renewable energy and the production of green hydrogen at scale.

What we do

The Catalogue promote dialogue, partnership and action to incentivize countries, international organization and private sector actors to commit ambitious goals within the green hydrogen value chain in the form of Energy Compacts.

Our history

Ahead of the UN High Level Dialogue in Energy in September 2021, the UN invited countries, cities, private sector companies, philanthropies, civil society, and other stakeholders to submit ‘Energy Compacts’: voluntary commitments that contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 7: achieving affordable, reliable, sustainable & modern energy for all. This inspired the creation of Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue – mobilizing and collating commitments on green hydrogen.

How to Join

To become a contributor to the Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue your organization have to submit an Energy Compact in accordance with the UN Energy Guidelines. The Catalogue collects and presents all Energy Compacts that is focused on commitments within the green hydrogen value chain.

  1. Review and fill out the required elements for an Energy Compact (Link here)
  2. The Energy Compact is reviewed by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
  3. Congratulations! You are now part of the Catalogue.

Launch Reception of the Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue

The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue was launched during the UN General Assembly in New York in 2022 at a high-level reception hosted by Denmark.


1. Who can become a partner?

Any country, company or organization that is part of the green hydrogen value chain.

2. Why should I become a partner?

The action required to decarbonise begins with a multi-stakeholder dialogue to incentivize partnerships, ambitions ans commitments. When you become a partner of the Catalogue you become part of the dialogue that drives the action.

3. What’s the objective of the Catalogue?

The objective of the Catalogue is to create as big a momentum and awareness of the challenges to the expansion of renewable energy and green hydrogen production, and the solutions that that solve them. By bringing together actors from government, international organizations and private sector actors we are able to understand and facilitate the needed commitments to drive the change that we urgently need.


The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue is the result of a broad and inclusive partnership between multiple countries, organizations, and private sector partners.