The entire value chain of green hydrogen holds great potential. Potential that requires action.

Green hydrogen is part of the solution to transition society into renewable energy and a way to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue is the platform for international collaboration and dialogue between governments, international organizations and private sector companies.

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Solutions must be developed to convert electricity from renewable sources into products that can be used to reduce emissions from those segments of the transport and industrial sector that have no cost-effective alternatives to fossil-based energy. 


Chile wants to develop the green hydrogen industry within the country, and place itself among the world’s leading producers and exporters of this renewable fuel by 2030.


For Germany to become greenhouse gas neutral and meet its international obligations under the Paris Agreement, hydrogen needs to be established as a decarbonization option.

Green hydrogen is the game changer the energy transition has been waiting for.

The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue aims to catalyze commitments by national and subnational governments, private companies, international organizations, and other stakeholders and be a platform for dialogue and collaboration to accelerate the development of a green hydrogen value chain worldwide.


The Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue is the result of a broad and inclusive partnership between multiple countries, organizations, and private sector partners.